The Steps Required to Return to the Perfect Natural State


Out of the renewed relationship with the Supreme Father comes a deep awareness of what is beneficial and what is unbeneficial, what is spiritual and what is physical. The soul naturally gains distaste for grossness since it knows that this impedes its relationship with God. Our appreciation of the deep wisdom of Baba leads us to a love of all things. We thus come out of the whirlpool of lust, anger, greed, ego and attachment.

Through the practice and development of yoga, Shiv Baba builds the soul up, recreating it by renewing its spiritual strength. It is not a matter of changing the self. It is a matter of returning to one’s true self through the link with God. I experience everything directly from the source, so I need nothing. A non-violent restraint of the mind – not to thoughtlessness –leads to the love- born resemblance of Shiv Baba.

Having an Aim and Object

It is the end of the cycle of 84 births and we know the balancing of accounts is drawing near. We know the new age must be one of complete harmony, and it is being established on the basis of souls becoming pure now. So the souls align themselves to become as royal, pure and elevated as Lakshmi and Narayan. Thus the mind, intellect and sanskars are aimed. An aim and object for one’s life ensures the right steps. To the extent that the aim is clear, the steps and efforts will be full of determination.

Conquest of the Senses

Sense-gratification prevents me from working in the region where spirituality is effective. The soul tumbles at the mercy of the senses, sense objects and experiences. Even in dreams, the senses and sense objects pervade. The mind has to be disconnected from the engines of the senses and connected to the powerhouse of spiritual energy, God.

The mind can only be truly concentrated on God when it is beyond the pull of the senses. Even in the last moments of life, the senses and their objects stand in the way of quiet departure from the body. From the birth to death, the soul labors under the illusion that senses and their objects are the sources of happiness.

In the same way that a rocket shoots beyond the earth’s gravity, the soul realizes that the beauty of things and people is illusory and is able to fly to the true source of beauty, Shiv Baba. It is the soul that bestows life and beauty to the otherwise inanimate body. One who looks to physical beauty without seeing the spiritual beauty is like one who tries to taste a beautiful fruit which is only made of clay.

Conquest of Vices and Inculcation of Virtues

Through yoga with Shiv Baba, the shadows of negativity will naturally be replaced by His virtues. While in action, it is necessary to reinforce the experiences of meditation by avoiding negative and wasteful thoughts and to consciously develop the divine virtues of tolerance, serenity, humility, compassion, sweetness, generosity and clarity.

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