Jagannath – The Lord of the World

You children now know the Father, that is, you have become the masters of the world.

The Father now explains that Shiva is called Vishwanath, the Lord of the World. However, I am not the Lord of the World. You become lords of the world. I don’t become that. You become lords of the brahm element. That is your home and the other is your kingdom. My only home is the brahm element. I neither come to heaven nor do I become the Lord of it. I am just called Shiv Baba.  My part is to purify the impure.

The Father says: I make you more elevated than I am. You become the masters of Brahmand and also the masters of the world. You rule over the world.

The Father says: Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself whether you knew any of this before. Nothing at all! You know that Baba has come once again to give us the kingdom of the world. It doesn’t enter anyone’s intellect what the kingdom of the world is. The world means the whole world!

The entire world, the new as the old, belongs to Baba. If the new world belongs to Baba, would not the old? Baba purifies everyone. The old world is Mine. I am the One who is the master of the entire world. I may not rule the kingdom in the new world, but it is still Mine. My children remain very happy in My huge home as well, but then they experience sorrow. This is a game. The entire unlimited world is your home. This is a huge stage. Baba knows that all in the home are His children. Baba is seeing the entire world. All are living beings. At this time, all are very unhappy.

Baba is loved by the whole world.

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