Amarnath – The Lord of Immortality

Baba is not old. The soul never ages.

Shiv Baba is also called the Lord of Immortality.

Only the One is called the Lord of Immortality. He is the Highest-on-High. He doesn’t have a body of His own. He says: I, the Lord of Immortality, tell you children the story of immortality.

Amarnath Baba, the Lord of Immortality says: All of you are Parvatis, the ones whose intellect is beyond. Constantly remember Me alone and you will go to the land of immortality and your sins will be absolved.

Baba says: By continuing to remember Me accurately, you will not have untimely death. I make you immortal. However, first of all you must have love for the Father. If you have love for another body, you will fall and fail.

God, the Father says: I am teaching you for the land of immortality.

Baba is making you immortal. This land of death is to be destroyed. Shiv Baba says: I have come to take you.

The eternal Father comes and takes you immortal souls into the age of immortality by telling you the story of immortality.

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