Important Points about Reincarnation

  1. The human soul does not transmigrate into animal species, just as an apple seed does not grow into an orange tree. The human soul always takes a human body.
  2. The soul is distinct from any of the bodies it adopts.
  3. The world’s population is increasing at such rapid rate, indicating that the souls already here are taking rebirth and also that there are new ones coming down continuously from the soul world.
  4. The cycle of action and reaction is never ending. The soul must continue to play its entire role until all actions have played out their results. This may require more than one body.
  5. The lives of a soul are like serialized installments of a novel in a magazine.
  6. If one believed that one has to reap the fruit of one’s actions, if not in this birth, but in another one, a person would surely feel less inclined to perform negative actions.
  7. Without reincarnation, it is impossible to explain how every soul has reached its present peaceless state. The cumulative effect of the vices weighs heavily on the soul and causes it unhappiness in the present. It is precisely this burden from which the Supreme Soul can relieve us. The end of the present cycle of birth and rebirth is approaching its conclusion.
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