Shiva – The Benefactor

God’s name is Shiva.

Incorporeal God speaks. Even though people have given Him many names on the path of devotion, still Incorporeal God is called Shiva. It is because there are so many names that there is so much expansion. The Father Himself comes and tells you: Oh children, you have been remembering Me, your Father, Shiva. You said: Oh Purifier! He must definitely have just one name. There cannot be many names… The Creator is only One. If there were many names, people would become confused. But because it is the path of devotion and they have built many temples, they have given Him many different names. Otherwise, each one has only one name.

Shiv Baba does not have a body of His own. There is just one image of Shiva. It cannot be any different; He is always portrayed as an oval form, just as there cannot be any difference between human beings. They all have two eyes, two ears, a nose etc. The soul is not something unknown.

The Father says: My real name is Shiva, the Benefactor.

Shiv Baba’s name is always Shiva. All souls have to come down here to play their different roles and so they adopt different names.

God has only one name. The names of all others change. This One’s name doesn’t change. However, He has been given many names on the path of bhakti. Here, He is called Shiva. Shiva means Benefactor.

He is full of knowledge, He is the Seed, the Father of the human world tree. He is living. He knows the beginning, the middle and the end of the whole tree. Shiv Baba is the Benefactor…There is benefit for all human beings.

Baba also has a part in the Drama.

Shiv Baba Himself tells you: I come to perform the dance of knowledge in front of you children.

Baba teaches and gives salvation. He says that He will again give this knowledge in 5000 years…You meet Baba every 5000 years and so there are tears of love…Shiv Baba never has tears. Baba has a lot of might. We surrender to you for one life and You will surrender to us for 21 lives.

God Shiva speaks to you children.

I am beyond rebirth. This body belongs to this Dada. I do not have a bodily name. My name is Shiva, the Benefactor. You children know that Shiv Baba, the Benefactor, comes and changes hell into heaven. He brings so much benefit. He completely destroys hell.

It is only when I enter an impure body that I can see you. The soul cannot do anything without a body, without organs. In bhakti, it is not in My intellect to give knowledge. It is only when I have a body that I am able to do everything. I do not give visions, I do not have the accounts of the five billion. Everything is in the Drama. I am in the bondage of the Drama. I am without ego.

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