Sarvodaya – The One Who Has Mercy for All

Baba is the Ocean of Mercy.

Baba is the Ocean of Mercy and Compassion. Does He see people as sinners, sadhus, etc.? No, He uplifts everyone.

It is remembered that God uplifts innocent ones, prostitutes, native women and sages, etc. everyone from the sages to the native.

People go in front of the deities and sing: We are without virtue, we have no virtues. Only you can have mercy on us! Have mercy on us! Baba says: it is because I have mercy for you that I come to make you virtuous. He makes sinners like Ajamil and those who have a stone intellect, the hunchbackeds and natives, very elevated.

All devotees are jailed in Ravan’s jail. Therefore the Father feels mercy. The Father is merciful. Only He is called the Merciful One.

Seeing His children peaceless, Baba has mercy on them, He feels pity for them. The harder they try to get peace, the more they become peaceless. They do achieve short-lived peace, but the final result is peacelessness.

Because the ignorant souls do not know the Father, they call out to the religious founders, the gurus and their special deities considering them to be merciful.  All of you know that you cannot receive mercy from anyone else than the Father, the Supreme Soul. Even if Baba makes a special deity or elevated soul an instrument to give them the reward of their pure feelings, the Bestower is only One.

Only God is called the Merciful One. Not a single human being can have mercy for another. His mercy is unlimited. Only the one Father has mercy for everyone.

The Father is the Liberator, the Merciful and the Blissful One. He comes and gives everyone liberation and liberation in life.

The unlimited Father gives you shrimat for unlimited happiness. It is sung of Him that He is the Merciful One and the Liberator. People sing a lot of praise of Him. The Father says: It is not just a question of praise. It is a father’s duty to give directions to his children. The unlimited Father too gives directions. This Father is the Highest-on-High. Therefore the directions He gives would be the Highest-on-High. The Father doesn’t have mercy on you. He simply gives you shrimat for what you have to do. Have mercy on yourself!

The Merciful One liberates you from the merciless one. Ravan is merciless!

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