Prakash Punj – The Great Light

The Supreme Soul is a star. He is the Seed of the human world tree, He is the Truth and the Living Being. He is not brighter than a thousand suns.

People say that God is eternal and infinite light and that He is very bright. Arjuna saw this and said: Stop it! I can’t tolerate it any more! Oh! But how is it possible that when a child sees his father he says he can’t bear to see his form? A child would be happy to see his father would he not? The Father says: I don’t have such a form. I am the Supreme Father, that is, I am God, the Supreme Soul, who lives beyond.

Baba says: My form is of a tiny point of light. It is written that Arjuna was shown the form of eternal, infinite light. It is written in the Gita that he has that vision. Human beings think he had a vision of constant, unlimited light. Baba says: all of these stories of the path of bhakti are simply to please the heart. I never said that My form is of eternal, infinite light. Just as you souls are like a point, so too am I. Just as you are bound by the Drama, so I too am bound by the Drama. Each and every soul has received his own part to play.

There is nothing like the child seeing his father and saying that he is unable to tolerate that. As the soul, so the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul.

The spiritual endeavor they make to merge with the brahm element is wrong. No one is going to merge with anyone. The brahm element is not God.

The Creator of the creation is Himself light. The light of the soul and the Supreme Soul is imperishable. The basis of nature is light, but the light of nature is not imperishable. And so the entire play is based on the point and on light.

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