Vichitra – The One Who Does not Have an Image

The Spiritual Father, the One who is without an image is looking at you children.

Souls are incognito and the Father is also incognito.

The Soul is incognito and the body is visible, so the soul cannot be seen with these eyes. It is incognito. It definitely exists but it is covered with the body. This is why it is said that the soul is incognito. The soul himself says: I am incorporeal. I have come here into the corporeal and become incognito.

The Father says: Just as you are incognito, I too have to come in an incognito way…You souls are incognito in your body. You perform actions through your body. I too am incognito. You children are now receiving the knowledge of how I, the soul, am covered by this body. The soul is incognito and the body is cognito. I am bodiless. The incognito Father is also speaking through this body.

The Father without an image explains to the souls that are without an image.

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