RajaYoga – The Sacred Link

The Father says: Remember Me!

No one else can say these words.

The more praise you sing of the Father out of love for Him, the more you will be liberated from making effort.

To make Baba belong to you means to experience your rights, and to experience your rights means to finish all types of dependency

‘Shiva’ is the magic mantra.

The Father now tells you children: Constantly remember Me alone! Renounce all the religions of the body.

Baba sees the children with the recognition and the children are also meeting Baba with the awareness of having met many times before… There is the sound of that awareness, “This is the same Father, He is mine.” Children say, “You are mine” and the Father says, “You are Mine”…BapDada always see the children with the vision of every child being the embodiment of this consciousness and so the embodiment of remembrance.

BapDada is pleased to see the souls who are celebrating a meeting, the variety of souls who are fortunate to receive love and have attained the fortune of having a meeting. Souls who had not hope in the world claimed the fortune of having all their hopes and desires fulfilled, whereas souls who are very well known in the world and in whom there are great hopes are left wondering and searching. Whilst wondering about their searching, they are completely lost in that and have themselves become lost. However, you loving souls have attained God on the basis of your love. So who is elevated? Some are debating the scriptures and are left behind, lost in the scriptures. Some become great souls, but are deprived of their fortune because of being caught up in the minor illusion of the soul and the Supreme Soul. They are deprived of being children and claiming a right to the Father. Great scientists are lost in their own search. Politicians are left behind creating their plans. Innocent devotees are left behind searching for God in every particle. However, who has attained Him? The innocent children of the Innocent Lord! Those who have a clever head haven’t attained Him, but those with an honest heart have attained Him…When you have an honest heart, you can make the Father, the Comforter of Hearts, belong to you. The Father, the Comforter of Hearts, cannot stay in your remembrance for even a second unless there is an honest heart.

The sound that constantly emerges from the lips and hearts of those who have a loving intellect is: I eat with You, I sit with You, I talk to You alone, I listen to You alone, I have all relationships with You alone and I attain all attainments from You alone. Even if they don’t say anything, their eyes and face speak.

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