These are a Few More of My Favorite Things…

1.       It is you shakti who have to play the part of being the bestower of blessings, a great donor and a benefactor. Baba is just the backbone.

2.       I have come to educate you. You, My children are more loved than life.

3.       No one can say that Baba loves me more than you. If someone says this, then tell that one, “No, Baba loves me more than you.” And He does! He isn’t just saying it to make you happy. Because Baba understands that the children have been lost and stumbling. They have been tired and confused and now have come to meet Me after 5000 years. It is only because Baba has searched for you that you were found. Someone was found in London, someone was found in Paris and someone was found in a corner of Argentina. Souls have been found from everywhere. Just think about it, if someone has been searched for and found how great the love there is for them! Can the Ocean have less love for anyone? Do you understand who you are? Only the Comforter of the Hearts knows how much love there is in the heart for each and every one.

4.       How do you receive BapDada’s love? Do you know? The more you become co-operative in Baba’s task, the more love you will receive. On the day when you are more co-operative than the task requires, you will experience greater love from Baba.

5.       Everyone showers flowers of gold, but BapDada is showering all of you with supreme love, with pearls of alokik love…Have you seen the pearls of love?

6.      Finish the consciousness of ‘I’… Simply consider your responsibility to be that of moving along as the Father makes you move along and of doing exactly as He says. Wherever baba places you, you will stay there. You will not mix the dictates of the self, of the consciousness of ‘I’, with Shrimat. Then you will go beyond repentance, you will become an embodiment of attainment and achieve an easy speed of effort, that is, you will constantly have an intellect that is good and wise.

7.      Baba’s eyes are attracted by the flowers and He says: this one is very good and makes a lot of service, he stays soul conscious and remembers Baba. Baba has no other work than to remember each one.

8.      Baba has no other business than remembering you. BapDada remembers you children more than you remember Him. BapDada turns the beads of the rosary of you children every day. Even though you sometimes miss remembrance, BapDada will never miss remembering you.

9.      Baba is the Bestower of Blessings. ‘Blessings’ means: good wishes, good feelings and hope

10.    To have a deep realization within the heart means to be forgiven

 11.   If you don’t claim blessings now at the blessed time, when will you claim them? The time will come to an end and accordingly all your specialties will come to an end. Therefore whatever you want to do, whatever you want to take, whatever you want to create, take all of that and create it now in good time with Baba’s blessing in the form of help.

 12.  Baba makes you a server, but He becomes the Intellect of the Wise and touches souls.  Through this the name of the children is glorified and Baba’s task is easily carried out. Baba cares for you with much love and attention so that you constantly swing in many swings. Baba doesn’t allow your feet to touch the ground. Sometimes you are in the swing of Baba’s remembrance, sometimes in the swing of Baba’s lap, sometimes in the swing of happiness and sometimes in the swing of intoxication, bliss, love and peace… All these attainments are the specialties of this blessed time.

 13.  Only when you surrender yourself completely can you remain soul conscious. Baba, all this belongs to You. Even I belong to You.

14.  You say that the Lord is pleased with one who has a true heart. It isn’t said that the Lord is pleased with one who has a clever head… Those with a true heart are able to please the true Lord. What is the reason for this? The head for some may not be good externally, but the head of one with the power of a true heart and with Baba’s special blessings is able to work accurately and significantly at the time of need. Due to blessings from Baba, according to the Drama, the head will receive a touching for the accurate action, words or thoughts, because that soul has pleased Baba, the One who is the Intellect of the Wise.

15.  Just as the Father has revealed Himself to the children, in the same way, you special deities have to reveal yourselves to your bhagats.

16.  For whom is your love? For God, because you have to be dead to this world to go to Him. Have you ever loved anyone like this, or had the thought that you will die because of love?

17.  Always remember that you are the light of the eyes, the jewels of the forehead,

the beads of the rosary of victory around the neck

and smile on the Father’s lips.

 At the end, Baba will leave.

“Oh Baba, You have given us so much happiness and You are going!”

There will be tears of love.

They become the beads of the rosary.

“You have brought us the kingdom and You are leaving!”

 18.  Baba cannot do anything without you companions

19.  The One who becomes tied simply shows you the method, that if you tied Him in this way, He will become bound.

20.  Whenever you children remember Me, I become present.

21.  You have bound God.

22.  He is such a Companion that He never steps away from you. The Father Himself is offering to be the Companion of the children. Will you receive such an offer throughout the kalpa? Baba is carrying you in His lap of the companionship of remembrance, so why do you walk and become tired? You don’t have to do anything and yet you become tired! What is the reason for this? Your own lack of understanding.

23.  If Baba is with you, all are your companions, there is no one special.

24.  No one can know Me without you children.

25.  If there is an influence of limits in your heart, the unlimited Father cannot stay within a limited heart. Baba is big and so you need a big heart.

26.  Only when you have a vast, unlimited intellect can you climb onto the Father’s heart throne. It isn’t that those who can speak knowledge very well can climb onto the Father’s heart-throne. No! You become able to climb the Father’s heart throne numberwise at the end, when you finish body consciousness according to the effort you make.

27.  BapDada’s heart means the heart of creation

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