Divya Mata – The Divine Mother

Baba is the one to whom people say, “You are my Mother and Father.”

Out of everyone, a mother and father are the most loved; and a mother and father have a lot of love for the children.

It is here that God is remembered as the Mother and Father. Abroad, they only call Him God, the Father. However, there also has to be a mother through whom he can adopt children. A man adopts a wife and creates children with her. Here too, the Father, the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul enters this one and adopts him. Children are created and this is why He is called the Mother and Father. He is the Father of souls. Then He comes here and creates the creation. Here you become His children and this is why you call Him the Father and Mother.

The mother and the Father wish to see the visible fruit of love.

Father Shiva revealed Himself through father Brahma. Through Brahma, He revealed the Brahmand. He didn’t do it alone by Himself: Mother Brahma gave you an introduction to Father Shiva. Mother Brahma gave you sustenance and made you worthy of the Father’s inheritance.

As soon as you know the Father, you claim a right to the inheritance. As soon as a baby is born and sees his parents, that becomes fixed for him. He doesn’t go to anyone but his mother because it is from the mother that he receives milk. You too are receiving the milk of knowledge. He is the Mother and the Father. These are very subtle things.

That Father is distinct from this Dada who is also your mother. However, because this is a male costume, a mother has been appointed. She too has been adopted. Creation takes place through the mother. The creation is also adopted. Baba adopts you children in order to give you the inheritance. Brahma also has been adopted. To enter him or to adopt him is the same thing.

Brahma is the senior mother, he doesn’t have a mother of his own.

The Father makes the children worthy and the Mother sustains them.

Brahma Baba has to take you home with him and he also has to stay with you. Shiv Baba will take you with Him, but He will not be with you in the kingdom or through the rest of the kalpa. One will be with you always, whereas the Other will observe with detachment. There is a difference, is there not? So the pure hopes of making the children constantly equal emerges from Brahma Baba. Although both Bap and Dada are responsible, Brahma is the creator in the corporeal and therefore the corporeal creator automatically has love for the corporeal creation. The children belong to both the mother and the Father, but still the mother has special love for the children. Why is that? A mother is instrumental in giving sustenance. A mother is instrumental in making the children like the Father. This is why a mother’s love is remembered. This love is pure and not one of attachment or viciousness. Where there is attachment, there is distress and where there is spiritual attachment, or call it love, then the mother will be proud of her children.

Just as a mother is a canopy of protection for her children, so too, from amrit vela onwards, Mother Brahma has been looking after all the children everywhere. It is you children who are instruments in the corporeal form, but Mother Brahma, as the bestower of fortune, sees the fortune of every child and especially sustains you with special power, courage and zeal and enthusiasm. Father Shiva is with you anyway, but Brahma has the special part of sustaining you.

Baba has so many children and such a big household. He must have many concerns.

Brahma Baba is very concerned that the children shouldn’t have to experience any difficulty.

Baba has so many children! He has to care for and look after everyone. Baba too has to stay in remembrance.

No matter how many of you there are, Brahma Baba’s arms are so big that all of you can merge in his arms at the same time. This is why on the path of bhakti, they show the variety-image of God in which everyone is merged.  So all of you are merged in Brahma Baba’s arms. No matter what happens, what does a little child do when someone tells him something or when something happens to him? He goes and hides in his mother’s or his father’s arms. It is like that isn’t it? So you should also do the same. You are still children are you not? Or have you grown up? In front of the father, someone who is hundred years old is still a little child. So no matter what happens to you, just go and merge in Brahma Baba’s arms, that’s all. That is easy, isn’t it?

Baba looks after you with so much love.

Baba is very concerned that the children should become very elevated.

Brahma the mother cannot bear to see the weaknesses of the one for whom there is love.

Baba explains that you are worthy children and this is why you are following Shrimat. But there now just remains the question of giving proof of that… The extent to which Baba has faith in the children, accordingly, the children do not have as much faith in the intellect for themselves.

BapDada gives you love and remembrance each day. He says: Sweet, sweet children.

Just as a mother and father will prepare their child for the coming day in the early morning hours… in the same way, BapDada also gives sustenance in the early morning hours of nectar. He fills the soul with power to prepare it for the entire day…More powerful than words, is Baba’s thought of love and it is through this that the soul is able to experience the highest form of benefit. BapDada, in His double role of being both the Mother and the Father continues to sustain each child with these subtle thoughts of love.

Just as in the lokik world, if there is a child for whom the parents have special love, then the mother and father will feed the child very powerful and nourishing things, they will give the child special sustenance…In the same way, BapDada also sits in the subtle regions and He gives special sustenance to all the children. BapDada calls each child – He invokes each one to come to the subtle regions and to be face to face with Him there; each child is invoked in their angelic form. Baba gives special care in the subtle form. He fills the soul with special power using His own special thoughts so that the soul receives all the subtle powers. One way to attain the powers is through one’s own effort, but here, the Mother and Father give the child special hospitality and care in the form of the sustenance of love… If you want to offer someone special hospitality, then, apart from the normal daily food, you offer them something extra. In the same way, Brahma the mother also has special love for the children. He cannot stay in the subtle regions without the entertaining sparkle of the children there. This is Brahma’s motherly attachment for the children.

BapDada doesn’t like it when you stay awake late at night for a month or fifteen days. There should be a limit. Even if it is a very important task, the latest you should carry on with it is 11’o clock; no longer than this. You should not sleep on the following day, you should sleep on the same day. BapDada is happy seeing the enthusiasm of the children, but even then, He has to put a limit. So that the intellect is constantly fresh and you can finish the work of two hours in one hour, with a fresh intellect.

Baba says: I have nobody else other than the children

Who else does the Father have except you children? Even when you have a mother, it is only through the Father that you can attain everything. In terms of love, you remember the mother, but in terms of attainment, you remember the Father.

Baba is restless without the children.

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