Parampita – The Supreme Father – Part I

Baba is the Ocean of Love, and this is why everyone calls Him the Father. However, they have forgotten who He is, what He is like, and when He comes

When He comes here and sees you in the corporeal form, He feels: These are my children.

Who, apart from Baba, would say: Sweetest, beloved, long lost and now found children?

He is the Father of all the children and all are His children.

Only Baba says again and again: Child, child.

The Father says: O sweetest children! He says this to you souls.

The spiritual Father sits here and explains to the spiritual children. Children understand that spiritual children means souls and that the spiritual Father means the Father of souls.

Spiritual Baba speaks to us spirits.

Baba now says: I have come to give you recognition through this chariot. I am the Father of all of you, the One who is called the Supreme Father. No one knows anything of a soul. If the Father has no name, form, time or place, how could there be any of this for His children? If the Father is beyond name and form, where would His children come from? Since there are children there definitely must be the Father. He is not beyond name and form. His children would also have a name and form, no matter how subtle they are. The sky is subtle but still its name is sky. Empty space is subtle and so, Baba too is subtle. Children speak of the wonderful star that enters this one.

Baba now says: Oh, My long lost and now found children! You reply: Oh Father, You too are long lost and now found.

No one else can have so many children. He is the Father of everyone. Brahma too is a child. All the children receive an inheritance from the Grand Father. This is an adoption.

Baba adopts you. Adoption definitely takes place in order to give an inheritance. Children also come to the parents because of the temptation of an inheritance. Would the child of a wealthy person ever be adopted by someone poor? … It is the wealthy who adopt.

You do not take refuge… Would a child ever seek refuge with his father? The children are always masters. You children have not taken refuge with the Father. Baba has made you belong to Him and you children have made Baba belong to yourselves.

You gain more by considering yourself as Baba’s child than as a bride. A child receives the full inheritance.

The Father says: You are my children, are you not?

The Father says: You definitely are part of My family, but according to the Drama, after coming into the kingdom of Ravan, you go into sorrow and thus call out to Me.

Yesterday, you used to say, “God” and now, today, you say, “Sweet Baba.” God who used to live very far away has come close and met you… You have searched for the Father and Baba also has searched for you children from all the corners of the world. But Baba did not have to work hard because He had your introduction, whereas you didn’t know the Father… Whatever you are, as you are, you are loved by the Father.

Look how Baba found you all in all the different far-away corners of this land and abroad. Were you able to find the Father?… Baba made you belong to Him. Baba didn’t look at your caste, your country, your color, etc. He only saw the spiritual color on the forehead of each of you, the jyoti bindu… Baba didn’t look at anything. He only saw that you belonged to Him. So is this Baba’s love or your love?

Children say: Whatever I am, however I am, I am Yours. The Father also says: Whatever you are, however you are, you are My child.

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