Bhagwan – The One Who Opens Fortune, The One Who Gives Life

Baba, the Bestower of Life, the One who is greater than life itself has come.

He is the God who saves life.

When the Highest-on-High Father makes you His child, every child of His claims a right to His inheritance of heaven, his right to become a deity as his birthright.

From the moment you belong to God, the Father, by becoming a child, the right to the fortune, that is, the inheritance is definitely received by all the children. Baba is the same Father for all and so He gives the same to everyone. Baba doesn’t distribute fortune numberwise, but those who are becoming fortunate do so according to their power and capacity.

BapDada gives the total blessings to all the children. Baba doesn’t give the blessing, “May you be a yogi according to your capacity, may you be an enlightened soul according to your capacity”… Baba, the Bestower of Blessings, comes to distribute blessings only at this time. Because the Bestower of Blessings has come, this time has also become blessed…This is the time for complete attainments. This is the blessed time to enable you to attain your complete stage, whereas during the rest of the kalpa you attain the reward according to the action.

As is the karma so you automatically receive the fruit. However, during this blessed time, one step of action of yours easily brings multi-million fold help from the Father…At this time, Baba, with an open heart, places an open and overflowing treasure store of all attainments in front of the children. It is in the form of blessings, in the form of an inheritance and as a fruit of the study. The account is not of one-to-one, but it is an account of one to multi-millionfold in return. It isn’t that you receive the reward only according to your effort, for Baba is merciful, He is the Bestower. He gives the experience of all relationships and at every second is a helper Himself.

When there is one second of courage, Baba is constantly co-operative in giving help as though there has been effort for many years. Baba knows that souls who have been stumbling for many births are weak and tired. This is why co-operation is given to such an extent that He becomes a helper. He Himself makes an offer by saying, “Hand over all types of burden to Baba”, He makes an offer to carry the burden. Baba is the Bestower of Wisdom and makes you knowledgeful. He explains the knowledge of elevated actions clearly and places a quill in your hand to enable you to draw the line of your fortune. You can draw the line of your fortune as long as you wish. The key to open all the treasures is placed in your hand and the key is such an easy one.

The Father explains to you so well so that perhaps your fortune can awaken. The Father has to awaken the fortune of human beings.

Baba tells the children that, for instance, if out of the thirty-six virtues, someone doesn’t have thirty-five virtues but has only one special virtue, it is why Baba has accepted him. So what did Baba see? Did Baba see thirty-five defects or one virtue? The greatest virtue of all is of having the intellect with which to recognize Baba, the courage to belong to Baba and to know the method of loving Baba. Baba is asking all of you: When you came to Baba, did you come complete with virtues? What were you? Did Baba see your weaknesses at that time? Did He see them? He increased your courage: “You were Mine, you are Mine and you will always belong to Me.”

Wherever Baba is, the children there are always in the flying stage. Nothing will decrease, instead it will increase multi-fold. At the Confluence Age, baba gives you attainment, at every moment, in the form of an inheritance and blessings.

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