Shambhu – The Benevolent One

The Father is the Benevolent One. Only He can tell how and why there has been loss in Bharat.

The Father is concerned and this is why He had the thought of coming here to make everyone happy.

Baba has only come to give benefit.

He says: I now bring the stage of ascent for all human beings in the world.

With whatever feelings people remember Me, I fulfill their desires.

Baba’s pure wishes are the pure desires of all the children. All your pure wishes will be fulfilled.

There is no sorrow in the Golden Age. The Father says: May you have a long life. May you be wealthy.

All your desires are fulfilled by following Shrimat.

Any desire that causes human beings sorrow is not a desire I fulfill.

Baba says: Children, become serviceable and benevolent.

Baba fulfills the pure hopes of the children and the children fulfill the pure hopes of Baba. What are the pure hopes that Baba has for the children? Every Brahmin soul is a lamp of Baba’s hopes. A lamp is constantly burning light and a lamp that is constantly burning is loved.

What gives pleasure to Baba? That every soul should constantly have thoughts about the eternal self and also that there should constantly be good wishes for all others, that is that a soul should bring benefit to itself and become a world benefactor.

Baba says: Don’t hurt anyone’s heart. Don’t cause sorrow! Give everyone the Father’s introduction.

The Father repeatedly explains: I have come to make you very sweet. Those deities are so sweet! Human beings now are so bitter!

Baba never sees anyone’s weaknesses at all and even if a signal is given, yet still, that signal is given only after seeing a specialty with great regard.

How did the Father transform you? Did He tell you about your weaknesses, saying that you are vicious, that you are dirty? Did He say this? He reminded you that you are a soul and this elevated awareness brought you power and transformed you…

Nowadays, everyone both in the world outside and in the Brahmin world, wants courage and true love. Not conditional love, not selfish love…Someone may have done something under the influence of his sanskars that caused 95% fluctuation, but he did well for 5%. If you look at that 5% goodness and encourage him by saying that he did very well and then tell him that he has to put the rest of it right, he would not feel too sensitive. If you say, “Why did you do this? It cannot be done in this way! You can’t do it like that!”, then because he is already under the influence of his sanskars and is weak, he will also become nervous. He will be unable to progress. First of all encourage him for his 5%. “This is something very good in you! You can do this very well!” Then by explaining to him after considering the time and his form, he will become transformed. Encourage him because souls who are under an influence lack courage.

You have been calling Me omnipresent and rejecting Me. Nevertheless, I have been uplifting you.

Baba doesn’t have aversion for anyone. He always has good and pure thoughts, even for those who defame Him. BapDada has the desire that each one would be more elevated than Himself.

No one has enmity towards the unlimited Mother and Father.

It is the greatness of the Father that He benefits everyone.

Baba’s nature means the nature of the self, the nature of the soul. Sanskars should always be like those of the Father, that is, of love, of mercy and of having a generous heart.

The Father says: I make you so good!

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