Sarvagya – Omniscient

Only one Baba is called knowledge-full… He has full knowledge. He gives the full knowledge… through which you become full.

Baba comes and explains the secrets of the Vedas and scriptures. He has also explained the four main religions.

Baba is the Purifier, the Almighty Authority. He is also called the World Almighty Authority. He knows the beginning, middle and the end of the whole world. He knows the Vedas and the scriptures etc. and He can therefore say that there is no essence in any of them.

It is only Baba who can tell you the secrets of your eighty four births and how the dynasty continues.

No one but Shiv Baba knows about the deities, how they claimed their kingdom.

Baba is full of knowledge. He has never studied anything nor did He have any guru. Have you already seen such a person?

The Father says: I am now giving you the knowledge that I have. According to the Drama plan, I repeat that.

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