Sabhu ka Sai – The Lord of the Morning

Shiv Baba says: I come in the morning

Baba is the Lord of the morning, He changes the night into day. Ravan is the lord of the night.

Heavenly God, the Father, doesn’t come into heaven to establish heaven! He says: I come between hell and heaven, at the Confluence Age. People speak of Shiv Ratri. I come in the night. The Father comes in this extreme darkness to bring light.

People sings: When the Sun of Knowledge rises, the darkness of ignorance is dispelled. That sun gives light. This refers to the Sun of Knowledge. Devotion is said to be darkness and knowledge is said to be light. Devotion is said to be ignorance because none of them have any knowledge of those whom they worship. There should be complete knowledge of the One whom you worship… He comes and brings the dawn.

I only come when the night ends and so I come to begin the day.

Our Baba has come according to the Drama plan. Baba comes in the night. There is no fixed date or time for when He comes. There is a date or time for those who take a worldly birth… He takes a divine birth.

Baba says: I come in the early morning… A second, or a minute after midnight is said to be the morning. That is the real morning.

BapDada comes when it is good morning and He also goes when it is good morning because when Baba comes, it changes from night time and becomes amrit vela. He comes at amrit vela and when He leaves it becomes the day. However, He only stays here during Amrit Vela. When it becomes day, He leaves and you all rule the kingdom as soon as it is morning, that is, when it is the day of the Golden Age, the day of Brahma.

The birth of Shiva takes place at the Confluence Age. Then tomorrow, there will be the birth of Krishna. The birth of Shiva takes place in the night and the birth of Krishna takes place in the morning. This is called the dawn.

The Father is new and the things He tells you are new.

The Father says: All are sleeping in the sleep of ignorance. They are intoxicated by the five vices.

Only the Father can awaken you from the sleep of ignorance.

Baba now says: Wake up, the new age is about to come…Children, renounce the sleep of Kumbhakarna. Now open your eyes. The new world is coming. The new world is called heaven, the Golden Age.

The Father sits here and repeatedly awakens you children. Maya then puts you back to sleep. You are now sitting personally in front of Me and you understand that I am your spiritual Father. You know Me, do you not?

You have now taken refuge with the Father. He comes early in the morning to end the night and finish hell.

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