Bhakto Ka Bhagwan – The Lord of the Devotees – Part I

Having heard the call of the children, the Father has now come.

On the path of devotion, you sing: Baba, when You come, I will listen to no one but You… I will surrender myself to You! I will sacrifice myself to You! Therefore the Father comes and reminds you of what you used to say.

He comes to give the devotees the fruit of their devotion.

There is only one God who gives devotees the fruit of their devotion. He gives knowledge to the devotees.

The Father understands that you have become tired by performing devotion for half the cycle. Sweet children, I will remove all your tiredness.

He plays His part according to the Drama. The Father says: I didn’t come when you called Me. This Drama is predestined. The part of My coming is fixed in the Drama. I come by myself at My own time. The part of the path of devotion is in the Drama. It is because the part of the path of devotion has now ended that I have now come.

Baba has now come to give you the fruit of your devotion. He gives knowledge to the devotees to make them pure. BapDada is giving the return of all the worshipping you have done for many births, in one birth.

The devotees continue to worship Me. They too are My children. They also receive the kingdom from Me but have now become worshippers from being worthy-to-be-worshipped.

Baba explains: You were beautiful and worthy of worship. Whilst taking 84 births, you became worshipper….Baba says: I am always worthy of worship. I come and change you from worshippers to worthy of worship.

I make you into the lords of divinity. So you children yourselves go to the land of divinity, but you never invite Me there! Do you ever invite Me, saying: Baba, come and visit the land of divinity? It is said: Everyone remembers God at the time of sorrow in the impure world. When they have happiness, no one remembers Him. They neither remember Me, nor do they invite Me. In the Copper Age they build temples to Me and place My image there.

On the path of bhakti, you created so many beautiful temples to Me. I am now making you into the masters of heaven. Therefore, I have come and sit in an impure body. Then on the path of bhakti, you place my image in the temple to Somnath. Because you understand that I made you in the masters of the world, you build temples to Me of gold and diamonds. This is why you offer Me hospitality.

My role starts with the path of bhakti. I have no role for half a kalpa. This is Drama. When the moment comes, the thought arises that I have to come.

Children, I give you the kingdom. I do not rule the kingdom. Then, when you are on the path of bhakti, I entertain you with divine visions.

Bhagats remember Me and I give them a vision. When the path of Bhakti starts, My role also starts. In the Golden and Silver ages, I remain in the stage of retirement.

Whatever devotional feelings you remember anyone with, I fulfill those devotional feelings. That too is fixed in the Drama. However, no one attains Me.

It isn’t that you have been remembering Him throughout half the cycle. No, you were only remembering Him when you experienced a lot of sorrow.

The Father says: I have so much concern on the path of devotion. These devotees remember Me so much again and again! No one remember Me in the Golden Age. The Father says: I give you so much happiness that you don’t need to remember Me there. At that time, I know that MY children are sitting in the land of peace and happiness.

Baba has a lot of effort on the path of bhakti. His part continues from the beginning of the Copper Age to the end of the Iron Age, that is, to the end of the Confluence Age.

The pictures of the deities are the paraphernalia of the path of bhakti. Baba says: Forget all of that! Now remember your home and remember the new world. The path of knowledge is the path of understanding.

Baba says: The big Shivalingum that you have made is not My form. On the path of devotion, some tell you to turn the beads of the rosary and others tell you to remember a mantra. Here, the Father gives you His own introduction.

Although people study the vedas and scriptures and worship Shiva, Baba says: No one can attain Me through any of that, because the path of bhakti is the path of descent. There is salvation through knowledge. Therefore there must also definitely be something through which you descend. This is the play that no one knows about.

Some think that they will find God by studying the Vedas and scriptures. By holding sacrificial fires and doing tapasya and by going on pilgrimages etc. However, God says: All of these distance you from Me.

The Unlimited Father now says: There is no need for you to keep any idol.

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