Bhakto Ka Bhagwan – The Lord of the Devotees – Part II

The devotee intellect is not a subtle and refined intellect… They have changed the memorials into physical form, because no one had the divine intellect to appreciate the subtle significance. The devotee intellect cannot imbibe subtlety. This is why everything is given a physical form. Although they give an ordinary form, God is still pleased with the devotees. Why? At least they have been saved from being cheats. It is better to be a bhagat than a thagat (cheat). True bhagats are not cheats. They are full of loving feelings and the sign of a true bhagat is that he remains single minded in any decision they make. This is why the Father also loves the bhagats. They have created good memorials, have they not? You also say, “Well done” to the bhagats from the heart. After all they are all your bhagats. Or do you think “They are BapDada’s bhagats”? They are the Father’s as well as yours. Whoever is BapDada’s bhagat is your bhagat. So, if you watch the devotion, you will enjoy it very much, “What are we doing, and what are the bhagats doing? What is the reality and what is the memorial?”… Baba thanks the bhagats for one reason: in whatever form, in Bharat and every other country, it is good that they have created auspicious occasions to spread waves of enthusiasm… even if it is temporary, at least the attention of the majority is drawn to the Father in a special way.

Even though devotees were praying to stone images for things, Baba fulfilled their desires temporarily. At that time, remembrance was rajopradhan and so due to that they received some power.

They remember God but they don’t know Him. They don’t listen to Him.

Baba saw that seventy five percent of the bhagats are doing bhakti in name only, for respect, for honor or for selfish motives. This is why the fruit of their karma is now over. There is no need for Baba to give them fruit.

Earlier, they used to tell the truth when they said that they didn’t know the Creator or creation. Now they call themselves God. They say: Shivohum. The Father explains: At this time, the whole tree has become tamopradhan and this is why I have come to uplift the sages and the holy men.

Baba says: they create an image of Me and offer me food. Then, they say that I am in the pebbles and stones! They have degraded Me the most.

They call out to Him, whereas you know that He has already come.

Bhagats believe that God is pleased with them for doing bhakti. They have the desire to meet God. However, whose worship would He be pleased with? He would definitely be pleased, but only when you worship Him. If you worship Shankar or Hanuman, how could the Father be pleased?… Baba says: although I grant them visions, none of them is able to meet Me.

It is only at this time that BapDada has to give children the practical fruit of their pure desire to have a meeting with Him. One cannot receive the fruit of a direct personal meeting as a fruit of the pure devotion. However, once there is recognition, that is, once the relationship between Father and child is forged on the basis of knowledge, then on the basis of their right, the Father has to give the children who are the embodiment of knowledge the fruit of their good wishes, their pure feelings filled with knowledge and their pure desire to have a meeting.

Devotees sing songs praising God. All of you have also sung many songs. However, did you ever think that God would sometimes sing songs of your praise? You are seeing in the corporeal form what you never even thought of.

The Father explains: Sweetest children, I only take birth in Bharat.

Baba only speaks only about the people of Bharat. He comes in Bharat alone.

Bharat is the birthplace of the Father. Therefore, according to the Drama, He feels compassion for it. People say, our land of Bharat was the most elevated. The very name was heaven, swarg. No one knows the praise of Bharat. Only the Father comes and tells you the story of Bharat. The story of Bharat means the story of the world.

You have been My lovers for half the cycle. I came in Bharat 5000 years ago and adopted you children. I am now adopting you again.

You are the most beloved sweet children. This refers to the people of Bharat. The Father says: I take birth in Bharat and so they would definitely be loved the most. Everyone remembers Him. Whatever religion someone belongs to, they remember their religious founder. The people of Bharat don’t know that the belonged to the original eternal deity religion. Baba explains that Bharat is the ancient land. You children know that all the people of the world are the children of the unlimited Father. The Father says: This Bharat is My birthplace. Everyone values their own land. The Father too comes in Bharat. He gives you people of Bharat your unlimited inheritance once again.

Baba says: I come to uplift the people of Bharat.

The Father asks: Children, why do you bow your heads? For half a cycle you rubbed your heads on the floor and used all your money and achieved nothing! Maya has totally scalped you and made you poverty stricken. The Father has now come to put everyone’s head right.

The unlimited Father says to the people of Bharat: I come here in Bharat. The praise of Bharat is unlimited. He come here and changes hell to heaven and grants everyone else peace. Therefore the praise of such a Father is also infinite. There is no end to it!

Just as the praise of God is infinite, the praise of Bharat is infinite.

Baba explains: The people of Bharat had the most unlimited intellect.

You should only speak a few words and remain in silence and not come into sound too much. Baba doesn’t like songs and poetry etc.

The Father doesn’t ask you to sing songs or speak out loudly. There is no need to sing My praise.

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