Reveal God through the Power of Spirituality

When a very bright light suddenly comes in front of you whilst you are in the dark, your eyes open wide in amazement. In the same way, create unique splendor with the power of spirituality. Just as the clouds are dispersed everywhere, in the same way, you children should be revealed as angels. This is the spiritual awakening. Create a new plan such that wherever anyone looks, they only see angels.

Everyone’s vision is drawn towards Bharat for spiritual treasures. Although Bharat is considered to be poor in terms of physical wealth, Bharat is said to be the wealthiest in terms of spiritual treasures, imperishable peace, happiness and power. This place is remembered in this way because of your complete stage at the confluence age. So constantly remain full of these treasures. Now add spirituality in your sanskars for service because it is difficult for the world to be transformed without spirituality. Just as groups of different professions have been created, in the same way, now create groups of those who imbibe the spiritual values, so that they can put forward moral values.
In order to bring about new inventions in any task, you need the power of concentration, whether it is an invention in the lokik world or a spiritual invention. Concentration means to stabilize in one thought and to be absorbed in the love of One. Concentration easily liberates you from stumbling in all directions. For the length of time that you are concentrated, you easily forget your body and the physical world. It is through this that the power of soul and the power of God will be revealed. Spiritual power and the power of God can only be attained through silence. It is only through this method that you can concentrate your subtle organs – the mind and the intellect – and experience a stress-free life. In order to experience a new life of contentment in this new century, bring about transformation through spiritual power and the world will be transformed. Then you will be able to attain twenty-one births filled with peace, happiness and love.
Now change the method of giving lectures. You have given many lectures for world peace. Spirituality is now greatly needed. What is spiritual power? What is spiritual knowledge? Who is the source of this knowledge? Now reveal that One. Give everyone the experience that God’s work is taking place. Just as the son shows the Father, similarly, the Father shows the sons. This loud sound will enable the flag of revelation to fly. In order to increase spiritual power, that is, power of the soul, constantly practice seeing the sparkling star, the soul.

Whenever you look at anyone, your practice should be so natural that even whilst seeing the body, you do not see it. Your vision should always be drawn towards the sparkling star. When your vision becomes spiritual in a natural way, the vision of the souls of the world will fall on you stars of the earth. It is gradually becoming clear that the world will receive spiritual light through Bharat. This is why the vision of the world has moved away from everywhere else and is now looking towards Bharat. However, it now has to become clear from where will this spiritual light come and who will become an instrument to give this spiritual light. Everyone is in search of this. Become those who can show the true goal and the accurate destination to the wandering souls.

Create your own stage for all time such that everyone only sees the sparkling star. Everyone should be able to see only the sparkling light even from a distance. People far away should receive a touching and your vibrations should spread far. For this you need more practice. At the moment you have to invite people to come and experience for themselves. However, when the sparkling stars stabilize in their perfect stage like the sun and the moon, all wandering souls and souls who are searching will automatically come to you sparkling stars in order to meet you and to attain something from you.

When you suddenly find something that was buried underground, you experience a lot of happiness and you announce what you found to everyone. In the same way, this place of attaining spiritual treasures is at the moment incognito. By seeing it with their eye of experience they will feel that they have once again come to the place where they can find their lost treasures. Gradually, from everyone’s mind and lips, the words that will emerge is that this corner is a place of elevated attainment. Now make this place very famous.

People will be very happy to see the Father without an image, His divine unique games and the unique place. A place where there is no light or water has no value. In the same way, where there isn’t spiritual light or the water of knowledge, the souls there are thirsty, desperate and in darkness. Make souls who feel worthless into souls that are content and satisfied with spiritual light and the water of knowledge that they become diamonds from shells. Give your country and the leaders of your country the good news that whatever you desire and dream about, we are able to fulfill that desire.

We will not only finish one type of expensiveness, but both types of expensiveness. When the poverty of peacelessness and sorrow is finished, all souls will not only become wealthy, but they will claim a right to the kingdom. You children have to reveal yourselves as the samples of self-transformation. People have heard many promises to instill their faith, and by hearing them again and again, their faith has now broken. Having seen many such people, they begin to consider even the truth to be deceiving. This is why you must not just speak. This is why it should not be your lips that speak, but the greatness of your life should speak for itself. The power of the elevated awareness of all of you should create power of hope in the souls who have no hope. Spread this wave. Reveal the Father through your life and through your activities.


By Dadi Prakashmani Ji

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