Independence is the birth right of Brahmins

Do you love the stage of going beyond sound more than the stage of coming into sound? Are you master almighty authorities stable in this elevated stage! Are you able to stabilise yourselves in the stage beyond sound? Do the almighty authorities have the practice of having the courage of putting every direction into the practical form? If BapDada gives you the direction to stop all waste thoughts in a second, are you able to do that? If BapDada tells you to become a master ocean of power in this second and give the great donation of power to the world, are you able to stabilise yourself in that stage in a second and carry out the task of a bestower? As soon as you receive a direction, are you able to become a master almighty authority and donate powers to the world? Are you ever ready to this extent? Before you can achieve this stage, you first of all have to rehearse it by yourself. Before any invention is presented to the world, it is first rehearsed on the self. Do you carry out such rehearsals’? Who is able to be successful in this task or practice? Those who are independent in every aspect. There shouldn’t be any type of dependence. BapDada continually gives you teachings on how to become independent. According to the environment nowadays, independence is connected with the relationships of the old body. With this one type of independence, all other types of independence are easily achieved. Even against your conscious wish, dependence on your body ties you in several dependencies that it makes the soul, the flying bird, become a caged bird. So, ask yourself: Am I a free bird or a caged bird? Check that you are not a soul who depends on any of the many types of attractions of the old body, old sanskars, nature or matter and also not a soul who is influenced by the vices. Dependence always takes you down, that is, it takes you into the stage of descent; it would never allow you to experience swinging in the swing of super sensuous joy. Then, because of being tied in one type of bondage or another, you constantly experience yourself to be a distressed soul. You experience your stage to be completely dry and tasteless, without an aim. You wound not see any shore or support clearly. There would neither be happiness nor sorrow. It would be as though you are in the middle of an ocean. There would constantly be the feeling that you want to achieve something, that you want to experience something and, because of these desires, you would constantly experience yourself to be far from your destination. This is the stage of a caged bird. (The lights kept going out.) Even now, a soul that is free from the bondage of the elements is able to remain happy.

Now, celebrate your independence day. Just as the Father is constantly independent, so too, become the same as the Father. What would BapDada think if, even now, He were to see you souls still being dependent, that you are called master almighty authorities and yet your activity is that of a caged bird? How can those who are not able to make themselves independent, who are constantly falling because of their own weaknesses, become world transformers? So, keep a list of your bondages in front of you. Check very clearly all your gross and subtle bondages. If, even now, you still have bondages, you would never be able to become free from bondage. If not now, then never! Constantly make this lesson firm. Do you understand? Independence is the birth right of Brahmin life. Attain your birth right now. Achcha.

To the souls who are constantly as independent as the Father, to those who have the right to all attainments, to those who make Maya and the elements subservient to them, to the master oceans of happiness, the children who constantly swing in the swing of super sensuous joy, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

* Avyakt Murli, 04/26/77

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