How can I remain free from tension?

First of all, make sure that your breath, thoughts and time are being used in a worthwhile way. There is power in using these three things well.

This power also invokes the company of the Almighty Authority. And this creates even more power.

This is useful because to manage the energies of life nowadays, you do need a lot of power.

The method for this is to become an accurate companion of God in His task, at every moment, with your every thought and every breath.


In the case of thought, it is a matter of making each thought useful. A useful thought is one that brings benefit to yourself and to others.

For example, thoughts which serve to increase the experience of your own value and help you to increase the experience of your own value of life are useful thoughts.


What is meant by breath is your whole way of being. For example, it is actually quite possible to give lecture after lecture, without ever feeling tired or even having any feelings of discomfort.

How? Because of the way you give the speech; that is, how you use your energy.

Using energy in the right way means not to become emotional, not to get over -excited, but rather to always remain calm and collected.

‘Rushing’ your breath even slightly while carrying out a task, will definitely create a a loss of power and feelings of distress.


The above points will enable you to master your relationship with time. In fact, time will automatically be used successfully if breath and thought are used well.

Think about these powerful factors and experiment with them practically. You will see how they help you to manage the stress in your everyday life.

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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