Is it really possible to forgive and forget?

Yes it is, but it needs to happen the other way around.

First you have to forget. Then your forgiveness can be real.

You will never really be able to forgive an incident or situation, if your heart or head is still holding on to it.

You have to be able to let it go.

You have to really be able to forget the scene, to such an extent its as if nothing even happened and you know nothing about it at all.


 The way to achieve this level of forgetting, however is less a matter of forgetting and more a matter of remembering…

We need to be remembering something else entirely; namely, the significance of that incident in our life, now.

This is the effort to make when a scene you wish to forget comes in front of you. Say to it, again and again, ‘OK, but what does this have to do with me, here and now?’

 Our Duty

In fact I don’t even like to use this word ‘forget’. The process of trying to forget something in itself will keep reminding you of what you want to forget.

Why should you want to do that to yourself?

There are so many things it is our duty to remember, like our dignity and divinity, not to mention that of others. ‘Forgetting’ is not the problem. ‘Forgetting’ is not our duty.

Remembering is.

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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