How do I forgive my own self? – Part II

Positive Influences

 If a lot of old things are coming up and there is a flow of unwanted thoughts from the past, the next step is to put yourself under some positive influences.

Put yourself into good company!

 The company of those who exude the vibration of peace can be very effective influence. Have at least this much mercy on yourself….

The Subtle Effort

On the second, more subtle level of self-forgiveness, the effort is more internal. At this level, mistakes are addressed from within. If the mistake involves words or actions and you find that the mistake keeps repeating itself- in other words, there has been no transformation- then you can understand that you have not yet done the truly internal work of taking care of the problem at the level of its roots.

 You might defend yourself saying, ‘This is just the way I am, this is my usual tone of voice, this is how I always act, etc.’

However the truth is that this mistake has now become your habit… it is now part of the way you speak and behave.

 You will find that even if you want to change it, you can’t.

Change of Attitude

What needs to happen in order to erase even the last traces of a mistake is nothing less than a total change of attitude.

 Until your attitude towards that mistake changes, it will continue to come up again and again, coloring your thoughts, speech, behavior….everything.

 Checking Yourself

What you need to do is cultivate the habit of checking yourself on a very deep level. Go deeply into that introspective state of remembrance, where the dignity of your original divinity lies.

 Check yourself against this highest, innermost truth.

 This is a very subtle kind of checking, which by itself does all the work.

Real Change

This is a very wonderful secret; note it well! To start thinking, ‘Well, now, I have to forget and now I have to forgive’, etc. is a very complicated and time-consuming process.

It is not even very effective!

 However, by using the more subtle method of measuring yourself against your highest truth and letting the power of self-realization work for you, you will find that your role in life will change.

The role of being one who makes mistakes will end.

 And you will actually see, coming towards you,

the role of being your perfect self.

You will start moving towards that more stable state.

 It is the moment when your original divine characteristics,

such as purity, peace, love and joy

again start working for you, more and more.

 These personality traits of divinity, deep within, are enormous help in the process of transformation.

Emerge them! Use them!

They automatically work to remove all those other, useless traits.

And what you thought was impossible becomes possible.

 Your process of transformation becomes real and you start changing. Truly.

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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