Even though God is very elevated, and His qualities and virtues are the highest of all, still, you are His child.

You are His child; He is your Parent.

You belong to each other.

 Shouldn’t it therefore be possible for you to know Him, as He really is?

If you maintain your faith, while managing all your other duties, you hasten that moment when God reveals Himself to you.

 If the pulse of your desire is intense, God can come to you right here and now. I know from my own experience that that moment arrives because of the deep longing to experience God.

It is not even a matter of who has come to whom.

Its just the absoluteness of the experience.

The deep desire in itself is the way to God. This is the path we all share.

 Fruits of our Labor

 At a certain poitn in our search, after all the scriptures have been studied, and still there has not been any personal meeting with God, finally, we turn to God and say,

‘OK, God. Now You have to reveal Yourself to me. You show me Your path.’

 And God says,

‘Forget everything you know of this world,’

 And the sweet fruit of all your searching and all your faith begins to emerge. The search comes to an end. So does the desperation.

And we say, ‘Thank you, God. This is what I wanted. I wanted nothing else…

Except that in my eyes should be Your light

 And that this light show others the path to You, too…’

– Jewels from Dadi Janki

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