Humility as a power
is based on a very elevated awareness
of who you are.

Such a high state of consciousness makes you
very cool, very peaceful and very loving.

One with humility is full of both love and respect.
Because they are full, their only desire is to give.

One with humility is never selfish.

Humility makes the heart open and generous.
There is never the desire to receive from others.

Humility makes it easy
to have relationships of love and respect
with everyone.

When there is humility,
you enjoy understanding the hearts of others.
You want to understand the hearts of others.

Humility allows you to accept what someone else is saying.
(If you accept today what others are saying, then they will
accept tomorrow whatever you say.)

One who has humility constantly remains happy
and makes other happy, too.
A person with humility will always say,
whatever I am, whatever I’ve got,
it’s fine, I’m happy, I’m content.

A person with humility never gets angry.
A person with humility is easy-going.

If you have humility, people come close to you, with love.

Humility emerges your divinity.

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