The Inner State of Dignity

Sound judgement about what is right and what you need
to do is based on your system of values.

It is only when you are standing on the foundation of your
values that you are able to maintain your truth, no matter
what the surrounding circumstances.

The ability to live according to your values, in an unwavering way,
depends on how well you have realized your true spiritual identity,
and have begun to cultivate that inner state of dignity.

This is the basis of spiritual power and it is this power which
is most needed in the world today.

Every human being is currently in need of spiritual power.
And only God can give it.

Spiritual power from God will come to you as you review
and practise these concepts daily:

…the awareness of being God’s child-which allows you to claim your divinity;

…the awareness of being a student- in which you need to be
learning not just from God, but from those around you as well;

…the consciousness of being an example-that is, becoming
the model of whatever you want others to learn;

…and the consciousness of being God’s instrument-which
means to use His qualities in every moment of your life.

This is the guaranteed method to fill yourself, as an
individual, with strength… the spiritual strength coming
to you from God.

This is what will allow you to understand your highest
truth and begin to live it, easily.

In this way, the necessary degree of spiritual might and light
created through the power of the gathering
will definitely be attained.



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