What is the basis of good spiritual education? – Part I

First of all, you need to know who you are.
You need to know that you are a spiritual being, distinct from the body; that when we say ‘soul’, we are talking about something completely separate from the body.

I.          I am a Soul

Knowing yourself as a soul gives you a spiritual identity.

This then needs to become the consciousness from
which you operate in your everyday life.

It needs to be practiced, not just lodged
somewhere in the brain as an intellectual concept!
The benefits of this are many.

First of all, you will be able to start steadying the mind;
that is, to keep it quiet. This in turn allows inner,
spiritual power to develop.

The benefit in this is that not only will you start seeing
your problems clearly, but you will have the
strength to overcome them as well.

The awareness of your spiritual identity is developed by
training the mind to remain in a state of inner
attentiveness to God, at all times.

It is a state of inner silence, a state of inner peace
and nourishment, to which the mind needs
to return again and again, no matter
what task it is involved in.

It is a matter of keeping the mind free from worry
and being able to maintain that inner focus,
no matter how much responsibility there may be.


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