What is the influence of God on our thoughts?

There is a lot of light coming to us from God;
a light which is not of a physical nature.

It is spiritual light, as an ‘enlightenment’.

It touches our intellect, opening a lock on our awareness. And we find ourselves again receptive to all of God’s powers- like love and peace.

These again start filling the soul. And the feeling is of having found something precious that had somehow got lost.


So much understanding and love is restored to the soul through this Godly influence on the intellect. It is as if a door to understanding opens up completely.

Surely this is where He gets His title ‘Intellect of the wise’, as is mentioned in some of the world’s scriptures.


Can you appreciate the difference in states of mind before and after this light touches your being?

Love had become so difficult.

There are difficulties with love on all levels-
for the self and in relation to others.

And then, His love reached us, making the soul blossom.

And we begin to realize how much we had missed this love.

The feeling is: ‘I’ve found what I’d been looking for…
…the One to whom I belong, eternally.’

Our thinking totally changes. And so do we.


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