How can I overcome feelings of hopelessness?

Nowadays people say that there is nothing but corruption and evil in the world. But how did we reach this state?

And who will set it right if not we humans?

To truly contribute to the process of setting the world right you need to develop a lot of inner, personal power.

This is because the path of someone who is trying to do something for the world will always be strewn with obstacles.

Not only can there be a complete lack of support for what you are trying to do, but there may even be many who will try to stop you.

Often it will be only your faith, courage and honesty
that will enable you to carry on.

By faith I mean the faith that your task cannot fail, if you always remain honest in all of your dealings.

Faith, too, that your honesty and strength of conviction
is the kind of courage that attracts
the help of God.

In this way, you will never be alone
and are sure to receive the support that you need.

A Strong Heart

Also, you need to make your heart strong.
Make it unbreakable!

This requires wisdom, such as
the courage to never get disheartened,
and also, the ability to tolerate everything.

Both of these qualities will keep you from feeling hurt…
especially the pain of feeling unappreciated when proper
recognition for your efforts or contribution is not forthcoming.

It is important to protect yourself from this because hurt feelings
create a lot of sadness, and sadness of any sort will
undermine the inner power already accumulated.

Before you know it, all your joy and enthusiasm
will have disappeared.

A strong heart that knows how to be wise enables
you to manage everything easily.

Always remember that the basis for complete success
is an honest, generous and clean

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