What are the efforts I need to make on the spiritual path?

The first effort is to become true to yourself.

This is because, when there is spiritual honesty, it is easy
to receive help from God. Taking God’s help is the beautiful endeavour of these times.

However, only an experienced soul will know
how to take real help from God.

Centered and Aligned

You have to know how to take His hand
and place it on your heart and head.

This means paying complete attention to the quality
of your thoughts and feelings, and grounding yourself
in your identity as an eternal spiritual being.

This fills you with the qualities of your original divinity:
peace, love, bliss and might.

Feeling God’s hand on both your head and heart in this
way allows you to stay completely centred
and aligned with your highest self.

Even in the midst of total chaos-inner or outer-
you are able to remain responsible for
every thought, word and action.

The ability to act from such an elevated state of
awareness, even in difficult situations, is proof
that you are making the right efforts.

Blaming others and considering them the cause of
your distress and unhappiness is carelessness.
It leads only to feeling disheartened.

Keep the heart and mind clear, that is, honest.

Then your efforts will bring real success.


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