What is the basis of true spiritual education? – The Law of Karma

The third aspect you need to understand is the deep
philosophy of action; or, in other words,
the law of cause and effect.

This is also known as the law of ‘karma’.

The law of karma teaches us to perform only those actions
which are elevated, so that our own conscience
can agree that the only actions we are doing are
those right one taught by God.

What are those right actions?

Just as God is the One who removes everyone’s sorrow
and bestows happiness on all, so can we develop
those same powers, so that we are able to do
the same for others.

Non-violence is the highest form of religion, and
this awareness marks the beginning of an end to violence.

Let us reach for such heights that we become truly
able to remove the sorrow and suffering of
others and give them peace.

Let us finish any thoughts of violence, hatred, and even
thoughts of dislike from within our heart.

Throughout my own life, I can truly say that this is the
instruction from God that I have always followed.

MY experience is that if your feelings are of love,
devotion and faith in God, then you can be assured that
the rest is in God’s hands.


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