The Father, Teacher and Satguru

One of the greatest things about being God is that He can be everything to everybody.

As my Father, He introduces me to myself. He holds my hand and teaches me how to walk, He ensures I have everything I need – food, a roof, the best education, opportunities – to grow and blossom into the best version of myself. He loves me no matter what and is ALWAYS just so proud of me. His arms are always open when I need to pick myself back up after a fall…in fact, He’s expecting me! Has my room ready for me, warm food on the table and an untiring ability to sit beside me, holding me close to Him for as long as I need.

As my Teacher, He teaches me EVERYTHING about the history and geography of the world. He is the only One with the answer to that eternal question – when did the world start? Where did we all come from? And as I grow up listening to Him, with my mouth wide open, tell me stories every morning of the world, I’ve realized that He has also prepared me to answer the question – now that I’m here, what do I need to do? That answer has come to me slowly as I’ve gone through the courses, experimented, broken things, won, lost, gotten hurt….in His school of life. His special ability? He teaches me enough to help me figure it out on my own. Experience, He says, is the greatest teacher. When you learn life His way, He guarantees, the lessons will stay with you forever.

He is the true Guru- The Satguru – because only He knows and speaks the truth about anything. Only He can salvage the soul from its broken pieces and put it back together again. He shines the light when I find myself walk through the sometimes treacherous alleyways of life. He cautions and when I inevitably fall because of a mis-step, He doesn’t curse because I disobeyed or throw up his hands in disappointment ….”Let the past be the past”, He says and shows me how to use everything- the good and the bad- to make my story beautiful.

At this auspicious time of the confluence age, God is present and ALWAYS available. Are we using this time? When things go wrong, do we run into His arms or look for a shoulder around us to cry on? There are good people in this world, no doubt and one or more may even be in our family but there is a difference I’ve found between good and pure. God is forever pure and The Purifier- His love heals and transforms. No one can tell me what to do, they don’t know me – the unique me whose story is uniquely mine and unprecedented. Only He knows, you see…I am His special creation, His child and He knew me before you even knew myself.

All I have to do is become still and listen to that still, small voice telling me exactly what I need to hear. Learn to trust Him and when you do, you realize that you are not alone, you never were.

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