David and Goliath

Recently, a coworker said at a meeting we were in together something I had heard people say many times before: “you don’t want to fight Goliath.” What they are saying of course is that it is a bad idea to go up against that competitor who is bigger, with deeper pockets or not to take on that project because its just too hard or some such thing. We tell ourselves that perhaps its best to gain more experience, become an expert or in some cases, drop the whole idea.

Based on personal experience, I completely get the analogy- new things can feel hard and scary! much like taking on Goliath. So, to tell you more, I used to write pretty regularly until I stopped two years ago- explains why the last update on this blog is dated 2016! Anyway, I decided I was going to write something today…but the idea of trying to fill a white, blank page felt daunting. Thoughts of maybe I can’t do it anymore started coming to me etc. I felt like the small David faced by the enormous giant that was the blank page.

But the thing that saves me each time I hear someone cautioning about going up against Goliath or feeling that way myself is the fact that we know how the story ends! David wins! and in style with a sling shot! So I am not a professional writer nor am I a literary connoisseur but David wasn’t a trained soldier or even remotely close. He had no armor, no experience, no equipment nor was he battle tested. He was a shepherd boy and while tending dutifully to his sheep, he had practiced his sling shot just as how I’ve always enjoyed penning my thoughts whether in an essay, a blog, in a journal or through my work.

And so just as David permitted himself to run toward the intimidating giant with his rudimentary weapon, I did too and I put my thoughts down in my own way, the only way I know how and I won too! Not because it was glorious prose or because I filled the page but simply because I put something down on that blank page that had been staring me down. And the minute I put down the first sentence, the intimidation fell away just like Goliath fell as he took that one shot in his head.

And so it seems to me that the only difference between David and us when we decide to back off from the Goliaths in our life rather than take them on is faith. Faith in the self and in God. That’s what it’s always come down to in my own life – do I really believe? Because if you do, there’s no stopping you.

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