A truthful life

Truth by definition is that which is constant, does not change and cannot be destroyed. God is Truth – He is the Only One whose name, make-up (i.e. His potency, His virtues etc.) never changes. He is constantly in realization and so His stage is also constant.

Is it easy to be true, to live a life of truth? What does that even look like?

Well, when you think about it, truth is an inherent quality of the soul. So technically, it should be natural nature to the soul to live a life of truth. But over the course of the cycle of many births, the soul loses touch with itself, with its own truth and wanders lost and afraid. When we live a life of truth, we are fearless, there is nothing to hide. We are confident, there is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. We are fulfilled, there is no hustling through life constantly to ‘make it’.

As I thought about this, I couldn’t help but reflect on some of the little things I do on a daily basis that get in the way of a truthful life. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. I forget I am a soul and go through the day thinking of myself as the body and that of course brings with it a number of false identities- I am a wife, mother, an engineer, a boss …..and when any of those disappears or changes, I feel devastated. I feel I’ve lost my very identity. We know that anything that changes, can be destroyed CANNOT be true. And yet, we go through life with a false identity, being attached to false i.e. perishable things. Why?
  2. I forget my Father. First of all, is it really possible that the soul forgets its own Father? Or do we simply let ourselves be drawn into the false attractions or illusions of this world?Do we take the 30 secs to just be still and listen to that still, small voice that’s always there telling us exactly what we need to know? Because its when we don’t listen that we are confused and afraid and asking everyone we know, “what should I do?” No one can tell us that! Only God can.
  3. And because we forget our Father, we decide that we get to set the rules about how we ought to be, what we should or shouldn’t do. We get told (or tell others) that we smile too much or too little, we are too quiet or too aggressive. And that opinion changes by person- again a clue to the fact that this CANNOT possibly be the truth.
  4. Are you part of a camp or a party? Do your loyalties lie with certain individuals? Sometimes we don’t even know it but subconsciously, we’ve identified with certain people and feel affiliation to their beliefs and ideals. We are friendly with them, not so much with others. Sometimes we can be outright cold or indifferent if we don’t agree with someone’s perspective and justify it by explaining how something they did was ‘against the code or law’. Who set the law? and whose interpretation of it is correct?
  5. Sometimes we lie to ourselves and deceive ourselves out of something good. We know we are capable of doing and giving more but we decide its not our problem or that its too hard and not worth the time and effort. We even try to be cute with God when we say, “Baba, whatever I am, however I am, I am Yours” or when we remind Him of who He is, “Baba, You are the Great Donor, You are Almighty” etc. etc. In other words, we ask God to do all the work while we give up. God gives us all He has, He holds nothing back. It behooves me to use it in furthering His cause of ushering in a new world, a true world. He gives us the unique privilege to be His helpers and serve beside Him. What exactly do I need to do- become true again and inspire others to do the same. Why wouldn’t we want to do that? Why sit by the side and watch when we can be in the arena with Him?
  6. Something else we can sometimes do- decide to ‘say it like it is’. Ever hear that? we equate that to truth-telling and authenticity. Baba teaches us that ‘truth’ which hurts others, that which is not delivered tactfully is not truth, it is in fact a lie. Authenticity is about being true to the inherent qualities of the soul of which non-violence is primary. Authenticity is NOT ‘saying it like it is’.
  7. Oh and here’s another one..in fact, I did this today. I had a moment this afternoon where I had got to a good pausing point at work and thought I’d take a short break- go for a little walk, clear my head. Immediately, the hustling part of my mind said, ‘ well, the boss might walk by around this time and it might look better if he saw me at my desk working hard’. This constant hustling through life trying to please people to win points is the opposite of a truthful life, not to mention exhausting at the same time.

I am sure there are more things (unfortunately) that we can each add to this list.

And so when we wonder, ‘what do I have to do to experience God’s love?” or “what does Baba want me to do?”, it helps to remember that it is not what I have to do but what I have to be – one with an honest heart. God’s love enters the soul with an clean and honest heart which then draws others closer to Him.

He is Truth and only Truth begets Truth.

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