Baba offered a definition for honesty in a recent murli when He said, “those who serve the whole universe are set to be honest”.

Its easy enough once we come to Baba and become part of the Brahmin family to feel like we’ve earned the right to judge. To look at others, analyze each and every word and action, debate about whether he/she or this/that was according to Shrimat or not. To turn up our noses at the outside world, looking down on them with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude, schooling them on what they should/shouldn’t do, be/shouldn’t be. We forget that Baba is the Father and Mother of ALL of humanity and that we are part of the same unlimited family.

We tend to equate time in gyan or on the path of knowledge to closeness with Baba and we feel a sense of entitlement as if we belong more than someone else who has been on the path for fewer years. We choose whom we make ourselves available to, and whom we ignore- of course, it makes sense that we spend time with other ‘pure’ souls like ourselves, right?

The answer I think lies in observing how Baba does it. He is The Purifier, Ever Pure and yet He comes during the darkest, most ignorant and impure time in the cycle. He talks to His children by using an old, impure chariot and makes it His job to transform this old, impure world into a new, pure world full of peace and happiness. It is also important to note how He chooses to do it- not by the wave of His hand or through a mere thought, He does so by adopting us, impure souls as His children and teaching us how.

Serving in the midst of the impure is purity, is honesty.

Baba knows that He did not create this world, that He had created a different reality and then we lost our way and the inheritance. But He doesn’t turn up His nose and say- “well, this is not my mess. I don’t want to get involved in your karma. You did this, you figure it out“. Neither does He make Himself hard to access – you know “by appointment only” or meeting with just the ‘seniors’. He is ALWAYS available and to ALL souls and He vows to be with us until we’ve figured this out and get ready to head back home.

That I believe is the greatest embodiment of honesty and purity we will ever find.

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