Humans and Angels

Who is an Angel? Angels are human, only, God like.

  • They share a deep bond with God, have all relationships with Him. They believe in Him and His task.
  • They are faithful, they never waver. While humans analyze and process information, angels just know and do.
  • They are light because they have shed all the layers that weigh humans down. The masks, the attitude that makes us believe that self -respect is based on accomplishments, waste thoughts, attachments. They have decided that they simply do not want useless things in their life.
  • They smile because they are so light. They are free from all the shackles of this old world and live close to God.
  • They don’t debate, criticize or complain, they reconcile.
  • They don’t wait for applause or praise. Their presence or participation is not conditional on the amount of recognition or convenience.
  • They don’t make excuses or try to justify, they simply resolve.
  • They are never stuck in the past or the future, they are firmly in the present.
  • They are innocent, free from the strains of praise or defamation. They neither see, hear nor do any evil.
  • They are fearless because they neither posses nor need. They have no expectations. Like God, they simply love.
  • They don’t preach, they inspire.
  • They don’t keep what they receive from God, they share.

It is no wonder then that angels shone brightly in the light of their purity and self-respect.

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