In remembrance…

Remembrance means to be absorbed in the One.

In remembrance I touch base with my original sanskars, God’s sanskars, and begin to understand myself and Him better. I touch base with my own destiny.

In remembrance, I am happy because I am exactly where I want to be and with the One I want to be with.

In remembrance, I feel way above this hustling world and its relentless rat race.

In remembrance, I forget the praise and the defamation. I forget everything of this old world, nothing matters. I remember who I am and my role in this Drama.

In remembrance, my mind is calm, my vision is pure which is to say that I am able to see the purity and goodness in others.

In remembrance, I realize I have attained that beyond which there is nothing more to be attained.

In remembrance, all the masks, guards, fears fall off and it’s just the child meeting it’s Father.

In remembrance, I feel safe. I feel confident that everything and I are taken care of.

In remembrance, I regain perspective, begin to clearly see my aim and feel in awe of the wonderful journey to reach it.

In remembrance, I metamorphosize and become that which God has always seen me as.

In remembrance, I am so grateful.

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