The Signal

Baba reminds us that this is a study and that we are students. As a student, my duty is to study hard and pass the tests on my path to achieving the degree. The degree is becoming 16 celestial degrees complete, completely viceless, completely non-violent. In other words, the degree is – becoming a deity.

Baba says that this study is a signal, it guides us on the path to becoming a deity from human. He says that each one of us is an independent traveler with a different journey customized to us which is to say that a turn that works for one might not be the right one for another. It’s therefore important to hold the hand of the guide tightly and follow the signal shown to me.

As with any journey, we meet other travelers along the way. Some stay with us longer, others part ways sooner. Baba says that the key is to not get attached to anyone, Baba is my one Support and Guide, there is no one else because despite best intentions, they simply don’t have our signal and cannot advise us on the right turn for us. Only The Guide can. And so when we see someone else take what seems like the straight road ahead and our signal says ‘make a U-turn’, it is important to trust the Guide and make that U-turn rather than succumb to the temptation to follow the other or fall into self-doubt.

As we progress along the path, there are times when we find ourselves in what seems like a wasteland. Its the phase where no matter what I do, it feels like I am going nowhere. Just when I think I’ve figured it out, I run into a wall and I find myself right back where I started. Sometimes, there is a sandstorm and I can’t see anything clearly and I feel lost and dejected. I start to question myself and the journey. We might even call out to Baba but hear nothing back and we feel that even He has forgotten us. But it is important to remember that He has not, He never forgets nor does he abandon what He starts. He is right there giving us hope and the signal. I just have to be still and listen to His voice. Even in the storm, it’s there. Sometimes, when we don’t hear it, Baba will send someone to give it to us and we wonder how they knew what we wanted.

And no, we are not delayed in our journey, the ‘delay’ was part of the journey, it was there to strengthen our faith, to build our character, help us realize something very important about ourselves that we will need for the next phase. No time is ever wasted, we are right on schedule.

The key is always to be Manmanbhav- belong to One in my mind. Only follow Him, have the faith that He is with me, is my constant Companion and Guide even if I might not feel it at all times.

All I have to do is watch for and listen to the signal.

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