A stable mind and intellect

Baba cautions against a wandering mind and intellect. He suggests we focus on doing one thing and only one thing well- being Manmanbhav. The rest is of no concern to us, He says.

We live in a very difficult time, a very divisive time. We feel lost and confused, disillusioned and desperate for the fix- we want the five step plan that will put everything right. And sure enough, we’ve see pundits, gurus and even false gods that have sprung up and claim to have the magic formula to cure all our ills. It’s like we got tired of the world and came looking for a solution with spirituality only to then find ourselves shopping around in the spiritual supermarket, constantly changing aisles.

Unfortunately, this can be true even for Brahmins- we start to question and debate interpretations of Shrimat, we analyze, we calculate, we workshop, we wonder why something or someone is the way they are. We worry if/when/what something will happen. We wonder about all kinds of questions related to wordly matters, other species, other planets etc. etc.when there is so much work to do…on ourselves!

Baba says, simply remember Me and become pure. Why do you allow your mind to wander into the jungle and then call for help when you cannot get out? He suggests that we instead concentrate on the study to realize the self- that I am a soul and a specific kind of soul. Doing that requires introspection and the power of silence. And that requires the most precious resource we have – a stable mind and a divine intellect.

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