Serving through the mind

Baba says that it is most essential now to serve through the mind. Souls want to have an experience, He reminds us, not hear empty words. They want to feel peace, feel love, feel a sense of belonging.

To be able to offer them those feeling, Baba says, we need to have a full stock of them within ourselves first. When I can generate pure and elevated thoughts and feelings, those vibrations radiate creating an atmosphere of purity and strength. When a soul receives a pure vibration- whether it is pure peace, pure love, it stays in them permanently. It heals them, uplifts them, makes the impossible possible for them. They are no longer stuck in the doubts- could I, should I- they rise above.

But for that, I first need to go beyond my own little problems, my own little dramas, become free from all the waste. I need to have a determined thought that I don’t want these useless things anymore.

And generosity has a way of uncluttering the mind. I move into the consciousness of a bestower soul and many things simply dissolve. I am able to offer my best to the world by rising above the mundane and petty. It is a virtuous cycle which is why it is a great mistake to wait until I am ‘perfect’ to serve. You see, I won’t get there until I serve.

Yes, things will come up along the way, but why do we pay so much attention. Like a lighthouse, I need to stay stable on the rock of the knowledge of the Drama, this auspicious time and the fact that Baba is responsible for me. Then, I am not shaken by the big or small waves, I remain stable, unshaken and serve by radiating a consistent, divine light to show other souls their way home.

And when we become lighthouses, Baba says, there is nothing we cannot do. The new world comes within line of sight.

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