Making God my Heir

When we come to Baba, He becomes our world. We have all our relationships with Him. Is one of them that of The Child? Baba often talks about making Him my heir, what does that mean and why is that important?

An heir is someone who inherits part or all of the assets of another person after death. Usually a son inherits the assets of the parents and is considered the heir. When we come to Baba, we have to ‘die alive’ or renounce this old world and that becomes much easier when we make Baba our Child and Heir. It doesn’t mean that we empty out our bank accounts, give up our home and arrive on the street. That helps no one and that is certainly not anything Baba would want to see happen.

It means I offer everything including myself through my mind. When I do that, Baba doesn’t hoard it or keep it Himself- you see, He has not use for it. Whether it is material assets, or a talent or a skill, when I offer it to Baba, He spiritualizes it and gives it back to me to use. He purifies it of the ‘mine’ and the ‘I’. It is no longer ‘my’ money or ‘my’ talent, there is no such thing as ‘I’ did so much or ‘I’ am responsible. It is all Baba’s and so I become free of all the strings and bondages that would have gotten in the way of my using them the right way. Now, when I use my talent, I am humble, I serve with it. Now, when I do something , I do it as Baba’s instrument and so no longer demand a return or wait for applause. Now, I no longer worry about that issue, it is not mine to worry about, I know Baba is responsible. I become liberated and peaceful.

He is a Heir like no other. He inherits all my impurities, my shortcomings, my vices and in return makes me His heir which is to say, I inherit all His virtues, His powers, purity, peace and happiness.

So, have you made Him your Child, your Heir? You’ll make a proud parent.

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