Is God omnipresent?

Is God omnipresent? Is he in you and me and everything else? Let’s consider the facts:

(1) We call out to God, we look up to the sky. If He is inside of us, why do we need to call out or pray and why are we looking up?

(2) We call God as The Father. If He is in all of us, are we all Fathers?

(3) We consider God perfect- He knows everything, makes no mistakes. So if He is in all of us, how come we make so many mistakes? Shouldn’t we be flawless?

(4) God is also a soul like us. And a soul inhabits a body. So how come God is in some many bodies? Does He multiply?

(5) God has His own sanskars that define or characterize Him. So if He is in all of us, shouldn’t we all be behaving the same? How can the same soul be in a scholar and an illiterate, in a policeman and the criminal? Who is chasing whom in that scenario?

(6) Some people say, every body has 2 souls – the human soul and The Supreme Soul and that it is the soul’s sanskars that are played out while The Supreme Soul is simply watching. Really? Isn’t the Supreme Soul infinitely more potent and powerful? How does He sit idly by with no influence whatsoever? So if I am committing a crime and The Supreme Soul is idly watching, what’s the point?

(7) If you and I were told that we are in the dogs, insects, fleas, pebbles and stones, how would that make us feel? Not so great, right? So how come we say God, the ever pure Being, the most elevated Being, The Supreme is in these things?

(8) We human souls perform actions based on the devilish sanskars of attachment, lust, greed, anger and ego or divine sanskars of love, purity, knowledge and we experience the return accordingly in the form of happiness or sorrow. We are referred to as papatma (sinful soul) or punyatma (charitable soul). Ever heard God being referred to as papparamatma or punyaparamatma? No! because He is beyond this.

God is our Supreme Parent, Our Supreme Teacher and our Satguru. He comes to remind us of who we are and gives us His own introduction. Baba says, “I am not omnipresent, it is the vices that are omnipresent. That is why you are in so much sorrow.” Baba comes to liberate us from this old world, from the vices and take us back home.

Do you agree that God is NOT omnipresent? Share your thoughts.

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