From cranes to swans

When Baba comes to this world, He finds His children lost, confused and fighting amongst each other – sometimes over material possessions, sometimes for respect, position or rights. He finds brothers not getting along because of petty differences, children mistreating or even killing their own parents over property, and friends falling out over a simple difference in opinion.

One could say that Baba comes into a world of cranes. Cranes are described as “opportunistic feeders”  – they come into yards and gardens, gobble up spilled bird seed, snap off flower heads and dig up small plants and bulbs. Some will stalk around and bloop on decks and pick and poke at deck furniture, window glass and screens on doors. They are also not affected by repellents, so bad-smelling sprays will not change their behavior.

Baba comes and transforms His children from cranes to swans by feeding us the pearls of knowledge. He sees us Holy Swans– the ones who know to separate the good from the wasteful, to find the pearls among the pebbles.

However, to become and stay a swan, it is important to remember who I am and to constantly churn the knowledge. Most of us oscillate between being a swan and a crane. It is easy to go back to being a crane when living in a swamp that is this old world swarming with cranes. But it is no one else’s but my duty to protect myself.

Gardeners are encouraged to take down their bird feeders, use wired fences to protect the flowers from crane invasions. We have to do the same to protect the garden of our mind. We need to take down the feeder full of waste thoughts that start with ‘when’, ‘why’ and ‘what’. We need to protect our doors by changing the ‘I’ to ‘I the soul’ and ‘Mine’ to ‘My Baba’ and ‘My fortune’.

It is naive to expect cranes to change and stop trying to invade our gardens, what we need to do instead is protect our gardens by making them unattractive to the cranes.

When I can do that, I move through life and in this world like a holy swan – royal, with my head held high and holding within me only priceless treasure.

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