Human dictates vs. God’s dictates

Baba says, ‘my teaching is completely different from those of humans.’ Should we review?

  • Some people claim to be charitable or virtuous souls.
    • Baba says: that’s impossible. At this time because the whole world is iron aged, everything we do is done in body consciousness. While we might think we are doing a generous act, we really are not.
  • People think one has to become a recluse, renounce everything and move to an ashram or the jungle to become pure.
    • Baba says, no you don’t. In fact, that would be running away from your responsibilities. You can remain pure while staying in the household and shouldering your responsibilities. You need to know how and only God can teach us that.
  • People talk about the soul being unaffected by actions.
    • Baba says, the soul is in fact what is affected by actions. The body is just matter, the soul is the living entity and is what experiences good/bad, sorrow/happiness…using the body. When I leave one body and take another one, the sanskars (good and bad) that I have formed in this life will go with me. So pay attention to your thoughts, words and actions.
  • People want to fight wars to bring ‘world peace’
    • Baba says, world transformation can only happen with self transformation. It’s when I return to my truth, to my original, pure, divine state that I will be truly peaceful and reflect that in my thoughts/words and actions. When I change, others are inspired to change.
  • People say, God is beyond name and form
    • Baba says, nothing can be beyond name and form and offers us His own introduction.
  • People say, God is omnipresent and say He is in the pebbles and stones.
  • People say that a soul takes 84 million rebirths and is born into different species i.e. born as a cat, dog, pig, insect etc.
    • Baba categorically denies that. He tells us that a human soul can only be reborn in a human body just as how planting an Apple seed can only yield an Apple tree, not a Banana tree or an Orange tree. And no, we don’t take 84 million rebirths, only 84.
  • People think that both hell and heaven exist simultaneously. For rich people, it’s heaven, for the poor ones, it’s hell. Also, they say that after death, depending on our karma, we will either go up to a heaven or down somewhere to the fires of hell.
    • Baba categorically refutes that as false. Hell and heaven CANNOT co-exist, it’s one or the other. At this time, it is clear that the world is a hell and no, it’s not a hell just for poor people. It is for everyone because everyone is body conscious and therefore suffering from the consequences of that.
    • There is no heaven above or hell beneath- it is right here in this physical plane, this world. It is hell now because we are under the influence of vice. When we take God’s hand and transform ourselves to pure, divine beings, this same world will be transformed into heaven.
    • Clearly, not a transformation we can bring about ourselves. God has to come to lead us on that path.
  • Some people claim to be ‘God’ and others worship them as such.
    • Baba smiles at the children and tells us that there is only one God and gives us His introduction. No human can be God, God is incorporeal and doesn’t have a body of His own.
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