God’s introduction

Name: Shiv, it means the Benevolent One

Form: Incorporeal, point of light.

Date of Birth: Beyond the cycle of birth and death, His is an incarnation. He comes at the confluence of the Iron Age and the Golden Age, at a time of extreme sorrow driven by the darkness of ignorance. The exact date and time cannot be known but His birth is celebrated as the night of Shiva or Shivratri.

Place of Birth: India or Bharath.

Address: Paramdham or the soul world. It is a world of light that is beyond this physical world, the sun, moon and the stars. It is the sweet home of silence, removed completely from the concept of time. It is also called the land of peace, Shantidham where there is complete peace, silence and stillness.

Occupation: World transformation through the purification of souls and the elements.

Unlike souls who take birth in this physical world by assuming a physical body, God does not take birth through the womb and does not have a body of His own. He incarnates in the body of an experienced soul, one who has been through the full cycle of 84 births and is at the end of his final birth. He calls Him Brahma. He uses the chariot of Brahma, the lucky chariot (Bhagirath) to speak and relate to the souls, His children. God reminds us that unlike popular mythology, He has to come into the physical world to get His job done, He doesn’t do it from up above with thunder and rain and celestial announcements (askashvani).

And that is the beauty of God and how He operates. He doesn’t sit in the comfort of His home and mouth orders every once in a while, but instead He comes to where His children are, to the same sorrow-filled, impure world, in an old, rickety body. He comes to remind us of who we are and gives us His introduction. He, The Ocean of Knowledge, becomes our Teacher and teaches us the secrets of the world drama, He becomes our Guide and shows us the way back home. He does it the old fashioned way- by helping us understand the forgotten rules of the game (Shrimat) and the technique to return to my own truth (Satopradhan) and to our home.

And when I transform, others are inspired to transform and the world transforms. It returns to it’s original glory- the way God had left it the last time before we misused it and tore it down to its current state. I transform by shedding my misguided ways and attachments – my old religions and returning to the original way of thinking and doing, guided by the innate values of the soul.

Yes, it takes time and isn’t as flashy as doing it with the wave of a hand or the snap of a finger. But that’s precisely the greatness of God and His method – He doesn’t come and ‘fix it’, instead He empowers us souls to rise above the falsehood and deception, to tap into our innate strength and courage and fix it ourselves.

He is God….not because of His booming voice or ability to bring back the dead, but because of His qualities. He is The Almighty…not because He wages war or commands but because His mere remembrance purifies souls.

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