Baba says that there are two criteria to make it to the golden age- purity and happiness. I’ve got become pure and be happy – both have to happen now in order for me to become eligible for the golden age.

To become pure, I have to burn away all my sins, defects, prejudices etc. in the fire of Baba’s remembrance. As He reminds me daily about who I am, I realize that truth deeply, identify my weaknesses, make a firm decision that I don’t want these things anymore and let them go.

When I forget what He teaches me and reminds me about daily, then I tend to get caught up in the expansion of the day to day which is to say, I become body conscious or role conscious. It becomes all about problems, responsibilities, relationships, likes, dislikes, etc. etc. I get attached to the things here in this physical world, let them define me and when inevitably things don’t go my way, I am disappointed, disillusioned, heart-broken etc.

Baba therefore has one simple lesson He teaches every single day- Manmanabhav, belong to Me in your mind. I CANNOT afford to forget, not at this point in the cycle. Now is the time to remember, it is the greatest service I can do for Baba, for myself and for the world. Just remember! because when I do, I take care of myself- my true self, the soul. I KNOW who I am and think, act accordingly. I am happy because I am pure, because I am not entangled, because I am free from any bondages.

And it is only when I have figured out how to be pure and happy HERE in this old world, am I at a level of purity that befits the age of deities, the golden age. Don’t get me wrong, we will all go home pure – if not by burning away our defects by our own effort, then through punishment because we’ll end up facing the consequences of our defects we didn’t correct until we are forced to change. However, only the former gives me power, confidence, happiness because I did it with help from Baba. It also makes me closer to Baba. The latter, on the other hand, doesn’t count because it only makes me sad and defeated. So yes, it is purity and happiness…done right.

But why wouldn’t I make the effort for it? Aren’t we tired of being caught up in our own little dramas, our own little problems for a while now? The only effort I need to make is REMEMBER! Not my problems, my roles, my….but remember who I am, whom I belong to and my inheritance. Then all the rest evaporates and all I’m left with is a smile on my face.

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