Don’t make time your teacher

Baba says, ‘don’t let time be your guru, make me your guru’. When I do that, I create my own destiny.

Often times, we know of our own weaknesses, our defects but it’s just too hard to get rid of them. They continue to linger because: (1) they have been with us for a long time and so yes, they don’t leave that easily but (2) we don’t make that determined thought to let go. Instead we procrastinate, let things continue as they are and placate ourselves and Baba by saying, ‘I’ll work on it, it will go away. In time, I will change.’

But when I leave it to time, I hand over my own power, I accept defeat. I open myself up for more scars and wounds from that weakness. How so? Because the only way time will teach me is the hard way- because I don’t correct it, the weakness continues to attack me by showing up in various forms, situations until finally I am so worn out that I no longer care. For example, if I tend to get angry and I leave it up to time to get over it, then I will be hurt many more times by the anger until I finally hurt myself health-wise or another bad consequence puts a stop to it.

Instead, Baba says, ‘make Me your guru’ which is to say, realize your defect and offer it in the fire of remembrance. That means I use my power rather than hand it over, make a determined thought that I simply DO NOT want this in me anymore and let go. When I am able to stay with that thought, I am able to overcome my anger or that defect the next time the situation arises….and yes, it will feel like effort the first time. But with each win I have under my belt, the more power I accumulate, the more confidence I build. Only the Satguru can help me get there, not time.

So, let’s step up, take the reins of our destiny from the hands of time and give them to Baba. He’s telling us what to do and how to do it, He believes in us and is telling us we can do it, let’s trust His wisdom, take Him up on it and do as He says. We might well be surprised at what we can achieve.

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