Are we giving sorrow?

Baba says, ‘don’t give sorrow to anyone’. Well, we didn’t need God to come and tell us that. But the truth of the matter is , it’s exactly what we do by default every day.

At this time in the cycle, we souls have acquired a number of personality traits from birth after re-birth that has tainted our purity. As a result of forgetting who we are and slipping into body consciousness, we’ve come to identify ourselves by our roles and measure ourselves by our accomplishments. I inevitably compare myself to others, judge, rank and am again, inevitably, disappointed and discontented.

When I am disappointed, disheartened or discontent, I can only give sorrow to myself and to others whether I want to or not. Sometimes, I don’t even realize I am giving sorrow but that’s exactly what I am radiating into the atmosphere. The face is the index of the mind and when people see my face, they realize something is off and feel sorrow too. Family members don’t get the attention or treatment they expect/deserve, colleagues at work feel the difference etc.

What we usually do is to put on a fake face, a fake smile and go around trying to convince everyone that we are fine. We feel we are being responsible but are we really? That’s just more exhausting for me, is at the most a band-aid fix that if left untreated can cause an infection. We usually don’t deceive others either, people can see through the veneer and tell the difference.

Why not treat the root cause instead? Simply remember who I am.

Only by being soul conscious can I ensure I am not being swayed by situations and people. When I remember I am a soul and that everyone else is a soul too, I operate based on my divine qualities. I see my and their purity and specialties. I try to understand where people are coming from when they say something and don’t automatically react. I don’t feel inferior or superior to anyone else. I just know and see everyone as a child of God playing our unlimited part in this World Drama.

When I give or feel sorrow, not only do I suffer but it also reflects badly on Baba’s name. Let me listen to what Baba says and pay attention to my thoughts, words and actions. Let me become virtuous by simply remembering and realizing who I am, whom I belong to. When I do that, I am happy and when I am happy, the world is happy.

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