Being serviceable

Baba says that He likes the serviceable children. Because the Father loves service, so do the children and so this is a demonstration of love, He says.

So what is ‘being serviceable’ mean?

Many people give their time and wealth at the religious places – temples, churches etc. where we volunteer. Brahmins do the same at the centers. Is that service?

Service is an attitude, it is a state of mind. It is not so much what you do that counts. Sometimes people give their lives i.e. their time and money to God because they are fed up with the world, so they think this is better. Yes it is, but that’s not serving. In religion we are taught that if you give charitably in this birth, you will be wealthy in the next birth…so we give. We are told that if you build a hospital this birth, you will be healthy next birth…so we build. Yes, its good but is it service?

As Brahmins, we clean the center, help with the cooking etc., and then call that service. Is it? Sometimes, we are angry that the maid didn’t arrive on time to do the chores at home which means I was delayed in going to the center to ‘serve’. Okay to clean and cook at the center, not at home? Is doing chores at home not service?

Am I doing something because I have to or because I think it is a good deed or because I am trying to strike a bargain for the next birth? Service, by definition, is free, it demands no return. It is not something that is done, it happens automatically based on my state of mind. This is why Baba says that I will still be able to teach the course if I am fluctuating, but won’t be able to serve.

That’s because souls are served not by words, not by tasks but by the way you make them feel. I may say all the right things but am I able to give them an experience of peace, of purity, of love, of belonging? I won’t be able to if I don’t embody those virtues and radiate those virtues. I could be simply sitting in the room with others and my presence serves because of the attitude I bring, I energy I bring. I could be doing a lot and not be serving at all.

Baba is the Ocean of Love, He is the Ocean of Peace, He is The Ocean of Knowledge which is why simply remembering Him burns away our sins, brings us happiness, a feeling of lightness. Yes, He comes and teaches, He guides but all that works because of who He is, His attitude of service. He does what He does because that’s who He is, not because He has to, not because He expects a return.

The angels are the same way- they appear, complete their task and leave. They don’t wait around for applause or praise. A rose emits its fragrance because that’s part of its nature, not because it is trying it impress anyone or because it has to.

That’s what service looks like, it’s inherently altruistic. Am I serviceable?

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