Protect your attitude

Baba says, ‘protect your attitude’. Your attitude is the most important vehicle of service.

He says, the attitude is the quickest way to serve. Just like a rocket is fast, similarly an attitude can influence the entire atmosphere either positively or negatively immediately. I don’t even have to go anywhere, my attitude has the power to impact a situation, a person, the environment right from where I am.

My attitude is the product of my thoughts and feelings. If I have positive thoughts, of benevolence, of gratitude, of generosity, then that’s the fragrance, so to speak, that I spread in the atmosphere. Others will feel that from me, those are the vibrations or the subtle message that I send out without as much as saying the words. My attitude travels.

On the flip side, when I create negative thoughts or as Baba would say, ‘rubbish’ in my mind, my attitude is based on that and again even if I don’t say anything, the other person will feel it from me. They will sense the lack of co-operation, the lack of empathy.

Protect your attitude, says Baba. Only give good wishes and receive good wishes.

Baba says that it is important to understand what is right and what is wrong but don’t let it take root in your heart. Yes, someone did wrong, they betrayed my trust, they let me down, they manipulated the situation or whatever else. What is wrong is wrong but Baba says, I have to choose how I respond. A divine soul does not reflect back the qualities of the other soul. Instead, a divine soul is always reflecting its own divinity – good wishes and pure feelings no matter what. In other words, irrespective of how the other soul behaves, I only radiate goodness because that’s what I have.

There is the story of the two women who were neighbors. One was a troublemaker- she enjoyed dumping her garbage in the other woman’s yard. The other woman always just cleaned up and kept her yard clean no matter what. In disbelief, the troublemaker decided she was going to test the limits once and for all. She left a gift box at the doorstep of the neighbor- the box was filled with garbage. She was sure, that would be the last straw that breaks her neighbor’s resolve. The next day however, she found a gift box at her own doorstep – she opened it to find it full of beautiful flowers. Stunned by the gesture, she walked up to her neighbor to ask why she sent her flowers despite all she had done to antagonize her. Her neighbor smiled and said, ‘because flowers are all I have’. You see, divine souls don’t have garbage to give others. And even when others try to dump their’s on them, they reject it and throw it away. They keep the yard that is their mind and attitude clean. They only grow beautiful thoughts and feelings.

Yes, its hard but it is a choice. Whom do I want to be like? Its super easy to be like everyone else in the world- doesn’t take much effort to react to and reflect other’s sanskars. But my destiny is an elevated one. I am a child of God and my aim is to be like Him. So, I need to intensify my effort, pay special attention to my thoughts and feelings, ensure I protect my attitude so as to always serve by radiating positivity into the atmosphere.

For intense effort-makers, success is guaranteed, Baba promises. I just have to choose.

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